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Four Questions to Ask Before Your Next Marketing Campaign

By Kelly Wright

There are many components to successful marketing campaigns but the most important is strategy. To ensure your campaign has the biggest impact, you need a solid foundation. Before you get started with your next campaign, ask yourself these four questions:

Where do we want to end up and why?

Think about what you want to achieve from the campaign. Do you want to increase sales? Capture market share? Improve awareness? Setting well-defined goals will help guide your efforts throughout the entire campaign. Be specific – instead of just ‘increase sales’, how much and by when? Making your goals measurable is vital to track success – we’ll come back to that later.

Who is our audience?

Knowing your target audience is the single most important bit of information you can have. Without it, you are just stabbing in the dark. Who is your ideal customer? ‘Everyone’ is not an option. Are they male/female? What is their age range? What are their interests? What specific problem does your product/service solve for them? Spending time defining your ideal customer will help you figure out the best channels to reach them.

How does our product/service benefit our audience?

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is to focus on the features of their product/service. You may think a list of technical features sounds clever, but customers don’t care about clever – they just want to know what’s in it for them. Benefits give customers a reason to buy. To change a feature into a benefit, ask yourself ‘so what’? What problem does this feature solve?

How will we know if it works?

Measurement should be a priority to prove success and see where you can improve. If you’re not sure what constitutes success for your campaign, this handy table will point you in the direction of possible metrics for your objectives.capture

Shedding some light on Dark Social

By Kelly Gerrish and David Cornes

As marketing professionals in today’s social media heavy online environment, we like to think we can track and analyse everything. Sophisticated tools like Google Analytics help us delve into the detail of how well various campaign activity promotes our product or service.

But how accurate is this really? How often in metric reports do you see the words ‘direct traffic’ or ‘unknown referrer’? The reality is that this untracked figure could account for as much as 70% of site visits. This vast trove of social traffic is essentially invisible. Far from tracking everything, we’re really just stabbing in the dark.

This mysterious traffic is known as ‘Dark Social’ – essentially links that have been shared in a private way. They could be shared via email, Instant Messenger, Skype, text message, even sharing your screen with a friend or colleague. There are other possibilities that could cloud our analytics too – search tools like DuckDuckGo allow anonymous web browsing to protect privacy and avoid personalised search results.

Dark Social is complicated and it’s even more complicated to track. It affects every single analytics system and there’s no real solution yet to counteract it. In short, you probably can’t fix it but you should be aware of it in your own marketing. Trackable or not, ultimately any referrals to your site are great – it’s just another form of word of mouth.

Do you see this on your website? How do you try to track it? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.