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Trick or Treat? Three Scarily Good Halloween Marketing Campaigns

By Kelly Wright

Halloween means big bucks for businesses. Here are three spooktacular campaigns from recent years that have given consumers a real treat.

LG – So Real It’s Scary (2012)

LG found a frighteningly creative way of transforming the traditionally dry product demo into something memorable – and truly scary! Testing their claim that their monitor has ‘lifelike colours’, they installed a grid of monitors on a lift floor. People got in, and a hidden camera caught their reactions as the floor appeared to fall away beneath their feet, making it seem like they were about to plummet through the lift shaft. No blood and guts and real human reactions, this was pure fear as its simplest. The advert has gone on to generate 24 million views and counting on YouTube. And there isn’t a killer clown in sight…

Airbnb – Halloween Night in Paris Catacombs (2015)

In what must be the most expensive and frightening Halloween night on offer, Airbnb rented out the Paris Catacombs for a morbid bed-and-breakfast experience like no other. Airbnb paid €350,000 to hire the maze of tunnels (and its seven million corpses) for one night and offered it as a competition prize for one thrill seeker to become ‘the only living person to ever wake up in the Paris Catacombs.’ Determined to up the scare factor this year, Airbnb offered a night’s stay in a velvet lined coffin in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

Tide – Stains Better Be Scared (2013)

Can you get the essence of a full-length film across in six seconds? Tide did a scarily good job in 2013 with a series of seven videos parodying classic horror films including Psycho, The Shining, Paranormal Activity, and our personal favourite, Carrie.

Using the now defunct social video platform Vine (RIP), Tide jumped on the hype around the release of the movie remake and created their own version of the film’s iconic prom scene. Simple, memorable, and appropriately scary, this unique campaign left a lasting impression on social media users everywhere. With amazing marketing potential like this, it’s a real shame Vine found itself in an early grave.