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Does Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Affect Your Marketing Decisions?

By Kelly Wright

The Chinese believe that the zodiac sign you are born under affects your personality traits. With personality driving a lot of our subconscious decisions, what does the year you were born say about your marketing?

People born in a rat year are adaptable which is great news for their marketing in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their persuasive nature is reflected in their marketing, with the power to achieve an action from the customer.

A year of the ox means your marketing is strong and steady – characteristics that reassure customers that you and your products are reliable.

Is your marketing ambitious and confident? Then maybe you’re a tiger.

You can trust a rabbit to understand their customer with marketing that is genuine and empathic, tapping into emotions to create a human connection.

Dragons tend to be more artistic and imaginative which makes for marketing that really stands out from the crowd.

While snakes are organised, their initial actions can be impulsive. However they learn quickly from their mistakes, so expect their marketing to evolve and develop.

Horses are active and enthusiastic participants in the creative process and love to take centre stage. They strive to delight their audience with marketing that demands attention.

Goats are dependable and calm, reflected in their well thought out and planned marketing.

People born in a year of the monkey are quick-witted, lively and smart. You can expect their marketing to show some personality, often with a cheeky twist.

Roosters are guided by instinct, producing marketing that is confident and honest. Like the morning wake up call, they’re always first to wake up to new opportunities and may use more diverse communication channels than other animals.

You can trust a dog to understand the needs of their target audience and speak directly to their pain points – they are man’s best friend after all! Don’t expect them to push their brand outside of guidelines – dogs are fiercely loyal to their brand identity.

It’s easy to rely on a pig – trust them and they won’t let you down. They are modest and don’t need fancy bells and whistles to show off, preferring their actions to do the talking. This is reflected in their marketing, which is seen as honest, trustworthy and direct.

Not sure where you fit in? Find out your animal here and see if your personality traits influence your marketing decisions.