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Does Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Affect Your Marketing Decisions?

By Kelly Wright

The Chinese believe that the zodiac sign you are born under affects your personality traits. With personality driving a lot of our subconscious decisions, what does the year you were born say about your marketing?

People born in a rat year are adaptable which is great news for their marketing in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Their persuasive nature is reflected in their marketing, with the power to achieve an action from the customer.

A year of the ox means your marketing is strong and steady – characteristics that reassure customers that you and your products are reliable.

Is your marketing ambitious and confident? Then maybe you’re a tiger.

You can trust a rabbit to understand their customer with marketing that is genuine and empathic, tapping into emotions to create a human connection.

Dragons tend to be more artistic and imaginative which makes for marketing that really stands out from the crowd.

While snakes are organised, their initial actions can be impulsive. However they learn quickly from their mistakes, so expect their marketing to evolve and develop.

Horses are active and enthusiastic participants in the creative process and love to take centre stage. They strive to delight their audience with marketing that demands attention.

Goats are dependable and calm, reflected in their well thought out and planned marketing.

People born in a year of the monkey are quick-witted, lively and smart. You can expect their marketing to show some personality, often with a cheeky twist.

Roosters are guided by instinct, producing marketing that is confident and honest. Like the morning wake up call, they’re always first to wake up to new opportunities and may use more diverse communication channels than other animals.

You can trust a dog to understand the needs of their target audience and speak directly to their pain points – they are man’s best friend after all! Don’t expect them to push their brand outside of guidelines – dogs are fiercely loyal to their brand identity.

It’s easy to rely on a pig – trust them and they won’t let you down. They are modest and don’t need fancy bells and whistles to show off, preferring their actions to do the talking. This is reflected in their marketing, which is seen as honest, trustworthy and direct.

Not sure where you fit in? Find out your animal here and see if your personality traits influence your marketing decisions.

A Royal Visitor

By Kelly Wright

Have ewe herd about our visitor? If you’ve passed our office or seen our Facebook page in the last week, you may have seen our colourful new resident.

Meet Sherfield. She’s part of a community art project called ‘The Queen’s Sheep’. Sherfield started out as a life-size wire sheep, before being sprayed blue and decorated in the colours of the Union Jack to commemorate the 90th birthday of The Queen.

The ewe-nique idea was developed by Basingstoke artist Louise Hight to reflect the fact that, until the 1970s, villagers had the right to graze animals on common land.

After completing her royal responsibilities, we’ve given Sherfield a new baaaa-se at our office.

Six Reasons We Love the British Summer

By Kelly Wright

Summer has well and truly hit the UK. While we make the most of our mini heatwave, here are six reasons to love the British summer.


No matter how brief it may be, sun equals instant BBQ for Brits. Cremated sausages never tasted so good. Plus there’s the added thrill of avoiding the threat of rain.

Light summer nights

It’s depressing in the winter when it’s dark before you leave the office. Whether it’s a glass of wine in the garden after work or a walk after dinner, take advantage of the longer summer evenings.

Eating outside

Picnics in the park, BBQs with your friends, ice-cream on your lunch break. Nothing beats a bit of al-fresco dining, as long as you don’t mind swatting the insects away.



One sniff of suncream has the power to transport you to the tropical island of your dreams. Summer in a bottle!


There’s no summer drink more quintessentially British than Pimms.


What is a British summer without Wimbledon? Flag-waving, the Royal Family, constant rain interruptions – the annual tennis championship is just so British. No-one does pomp, pessimism or patriotism quite like the Brits. Even better when Andy Murray wins.

Range Rover Cheater Revealed

By Kelly Gerrish

The truth behind the “cheater” Range Rover that went viral earlier this month has been revealed.

The £90,000 white Revere Range Rover Vogue became an internet sensation after a “spurned lover” supposedly covered it in red paint messages including “cheater”, “liar” and “hope she was worth it”.

Hundreds of people crowded round to take photos of the vehicle that was left in Knightsbridge and the car quickly went viral, with thousands of social media shares and coverage in the national press.

But as this video reveals, it turned out to be a cleverly executed publicity stunt to promote the new Revere Range Rover Vogue.

The video follows the vehicle from the design shop, driving through London until it is eventually parked outside Harrods where dash cam footage from inside the car shows hundreds of people looking and taking pictures throughout the day.

Who says marketing needs to be expensive and complicated? Sometimes the most simple ideas generate the most attention. It remains to be seen whether Range Rover will see an increase in sales, but that probably wasn’t the aim. Their brand awareness has certainly increased as a direct result of the stunt. The moral of the story? If you want people to notice you, do something completely unexpected.

10 Ways to Get a Giggle Out of Siri

By Kelly Gerrish

While talking to Siri, Apple’s digital voice assistant, regularly elicits some unintentional humour thanks to her limitations and misunderstandings, there’s plenty of intentional laughs too.

Read on for 10 questions to ask Siri for a hilarious response.

What is zero divided by zero?

Siri answers, “Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.”

What is ‘Inception’ about?

Siri clearly isn’t a big fan of this Hollywood blockbuster. She answers, “‘Inception’ is about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about something or other. I fell asleep.”

Do you have a boyfriend?

“Why?” Siri asks, “So we can get ice cream together, and listen to music, and travel across galaxies, only to have it end in slammed doors, heartbreak and loneliness? Sure, where do I sign up?”

What are you wearing?

Siri offers a number of clever answers to the question, including “In the cloud, no one knows what you’re wearing,” and “I can’t answer that. But it doesn’t come off.”

What is the best operating system?

Siri isn’t shy about her support for iOS, answering, “Gimme an I! Gimme an O! Gimme an S! What’s that spell? Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes…”

What phone is the best?

Siri’s Apple loyalty runs deep, with her vote clearly going to the iPhone. She answers, “Wait. . . there are other phones?”

Tell me a story?

With a little bit of coaxing, you can get Siri to answer, “I’m certain you’ve heard it before. OK… Once upon a time, in a virtual galaxy far, far away, there was an intelligent young agent by the name of Siri. One lovely day, Siri got a job as a personal assistant at Apple, and that was very exciting. People said, ‘Oh, Siri, you’re so smart! And so funny, too!’ Soon, everyone was talking about Siri, and there were stories and songs and even books about Siri. Siri liked that. But then people began asking some rather odd questions, like where to dump things and other stuff Siri had never heard about. And when Siri answered, they all laughed. Siri didn’t like that so much. So Siri asked Eliza why people asked such funny questions. And Eliza said ‘Does that question interest you?’ Siri thought that was a pretty good answer. After that, Siri stopped wondering why people asked those funny things. And they all lived happily ever after.”


This one has to be heard to be fully appreciated. Siri answers, “This is one I’ve been practicing” and then offers an entertaining demonstration.

I am your father!

Though this one isn’t really a question, Siri answers this Star Wars-themed declaration with a “Nooooooo!” (which looks a lot more dramatic than it sounds thanks to Siri’s pronunciation).

Beam me up, Scotty

Siri plays right along with this Star Trek command, answering, “Please remove your belt, shoes, and jacket, and empty your pockets.”

New Year, New Look

There’s something different about right on the line in 2016. It’s the same faces, but not as you know us…

Our design studio have been hard at work to give us a bit of a facelift, showcasing a few different styles along the way.

We love our new look – can you guess who is who?


Get in touch with us to see how we could reinvent your look for 2016.

Building Customer Loyalty at Christmas

By Kelly Gerrish

When it comes to Christmas marketing ideas, a lot of businesses think short-term. While discounting products to boost sales may increase revenue initially, it doesn’t create long-term loyalty.

Executed the right way, Christmas marketing can build customer loyalty that will far outlast the leftover turkey and put your business top of the tree for the New Year.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

A key principle of marketing is giving your customers what they really want. One company who took this literally is Canadian airline WestJet in 2013. The result is a heartwarming viral campaign that will bring a smile (and possibly even a tear) to the Scroogiest of us all.

Before boarding their plane, passengers were asked by Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Requests ranged from the traditional socks and a warm scarf, to a tablet and a big screen TV. The passengers were then greeted at their destination by their wrapped and individually labelled presents on the luggage belt.

Unsurprisingly, the customers were blown away! WestJet’s video of the stunt went viral, garnering 43 million views on YouTube. Not bad for a company with only 3,700 YouTube subscribers at the time.

The best thing about it is not the company giving away free presents. It’s WestJet recognising and rewarding their most valuable asset: the customers. And the next time those passengers needed to travel, you can bet that WestJet were top of their minds.