Keeping It Real

By Kelly Gerrish

Thanks to the popularity of social media, today’s brands are able to react almost instantaneously to events and news. Companies need to be agile and quick off the mark when jumping on current trends, or run the risk of being left behind. Real Time Marketing (RTM) can be a great way to creatively promote your products while also interacting with your audience.

Done properly, RTM is classy, witty and hugely effective, boosting brand awareness through social sharing. Done badly, it can be embarrassing, ridiculous and irrelevant.
Here are four of our favourite examples of companies getting it right at the right time.

When the lights went out during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo’s social media team were quick off the mark. Their genius ‘You can still dunk in the dark’ tweet netted more than 15,880 retweets and 6,200 favourites, becoming the watershed moment for RTM. The timing of the post couldn’t have been better, coming when many people’s attention had switched to social media in the blackout.

NASA brilliantly inserted itself into conversations around the 2014 Oscars. As space thriller Gravity was awarded 7 Oscars, NASA spent the evening cleverly tweeting out real facts and amazing imagery using #Oscars2014 and its own hashtag #RealGravity. The result was authentic, totally relevant and on-brand for NASA.


The best RTM campaign and responses stay relevant to their audience and their products. In July 2013, there were plenty of desperate attempts to cash in on the Royal Baby fever sweeping the globe. Warburton’s stood out as one of the best to capture the mood, staying relevant to the company’s products and sense of Britishness.


Smart Car
If handled well, comical responses to customers can work too. Smart Car impressively replied to a snarky tweet by amusingly disproving the science of the claim with a funny infographic. Their quick and clever response led to the brand’s increased exposure on the web.


Video Production Services

By Kelly Gerrish

Every business has a story. At right on the line it’s our job to find yours and bring it to life. And with 1 minute of video having the same impact as 1.8 million written words, what better way to tell your story than through video? With 100 million internet users watching online video every day, video is the perfect platform to reach your customers. So why not give them something to remember? Watch our video below to learn how we can help you integrate video into your marketing strategy today.