How to spare your audience ‘Death by PowerPoint’

By Kelly Gerrish

Most people who’ve had to endure a long corporate PowerPoint presentation will know the feeling – boredom, followed by frustration and a sinking realisation that you’ll never get that time back.

A lot of presentations fail to hit the mark with stereotyped imagery that adds nothing to the narrative – with cogs, jigsaw pieces, thumbs up, handshakes and archery targets among the worst offenders. You want your presentation to stand out, but using the same old tired imagery is a sure fire way of blending into the background.


The PowerPoint presentation has become synonymous with dull. Despite this, Microsoft’s software still dominates the market with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide and millions of presentations made each day using the software.

With PowerPoint clearly here to stay, what can we do to leave our audiences feeling a little less like braindead zombies?

According to scientists, the smartphone age has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer. Creating audience engagement is vital if you want to keep people invested. Most presentations gradually numb an audience with monologue style delivery. Creating an interactive presentation with group exercises to get people involved will keep your audience engaged and prevent them from nodding off.
Some organisations may not have a choice about whether to use slides in a presentation.

However, when there is an option, get creative. How could you deliver without a PowerPoint, or use it in a very limited or unusual way? If you want your message to stand out, challenge yourself to tell your story through photos, music, demos, and videos.

Whether you need some creative flair with a PowerPoint presentation or are looking for a different way to make your message stand out, we’re always here to help. Get in touch to see how we can bring your story to life.

Marketing Resolutions

By Kelly Gerrish

It’s the time of year we all make vague resolutions that will be forgotten by February. According to Statistic Brain, 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% of those are actually successful.

But this doesn’t just apply to our personal lives. It’s very easy for marketing teams to follow the same pattern, starting off the year with good intentions and big ideas, only to get distracted along the way. It’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals in favour of the shiny new thing, particularly with the constantly evolving digital landscape.

As we move into 2016, it’s a good opportunity for brands to go back to basics. If you want your marketing resolutions to be successful come the end of 2016, don’t think short-term;  you need to build them into your long term plans with clear objectives and a focused strategy. Otherwise you’ll be back in the gym come 2017…

New Year, New Look

There’s something different about right on the line in 2016. It’s the same faces, but not as you know us…

Our design studio have been hard at work to give us a bit of a facelift, showcasing a few different styles along the way.

We love our new look – can you guess who is who?


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