Our Favourite Christmas Films – Part Two

By Kelly Gerrish

With only a few advent calendar chocolates to go until the big day, now’s the time to curl up on the sofa under a blanket, hot drink in hand, for a Christmas flick. You’ve already seen the picks from our marketing team. Now here’s the personal favourites from our design team.

David Cornes, Studio Manager – The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

What says Christmas more than a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and talking animals? Add in Jadis the White Witch in her world of snow and ice and the classic battle of good versus evil, it’s C.S Lewis at his best and a perfect story for Christmas.
Richard Ellis, Senior Designer – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Yes, I know that on the surface it doesn’t even slightly resemble a Christmas film. But it was always on at Christmas when I was a kid so the association is there for me. There are plenty of elements that make it a Christmas film. There’s a snow planet and if you take away the giant killing machines, it looks like a festive Winter Wonderland. It has elves that live in a magical cloud city. There are muppets and by association that makes it Christmas (see The Muppet Christmas Carol). There’s a reindeer, well sort of. And don’t forget the snowman!


David Flynn, Junior Designer – Father Christmas (1991)

This film reminds me of being a kid at Christmas time. I loved the food scene in Paris – I found all the food fascinating and Santa getting sick and hungover really funny. Merry Blooming Christmas!

Father Christmas

So have we got it right? Or has our list gone horribly wrong? Let us know your Christmas crackers in the comments box below.

Our Favourite Christmas Films – Part One

By Kelly Gerrish

It’s time to take a walk in right on the line’s winter wonderland of cinema – our best Christmas movies countdown! Here’s the personal favourites from our marketing team.

Venetia Rowland, Managing Director – Doctor Zhivago (1965)

Love in the snow and a revolution thrown in for good measure! Omar Sharif at the peak of his gorgeousness, this film tells of a love that inspires poetry. Directed by the great David Lean, it’s a Christmas must see! I love it as it’s a bit of a pot boiler with an ice palace as a back drop.

Dr Zhivago ice palace

Kelly Gerrish, Account Manager – The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Not the most critically acclaimed version of Charles Dickens’ tale to ever grace the screen, but The Muppet Christmas Carol is funny and heartwarming while staying surprisingly faithful to Dickens’ original story. I first saw this film at the cinema as a five year old and its become a Christmas staple ever since. There are moments where you forget it’s supposed to be a children’s film. You even forget it’s supposed to be a Muppet film. It’s just a wonderful festive story, enchantingly told with a cracking soundtrack to boot.


Katherine Udal, Account Manager – Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually is not only my ultimate festive film but one of my favourites in general. It reminds me of the most important factors of Christmas – family and friends. A real mixture of feel good and heart wrenching storylines get your emotions churning throughout the whole 136 minutes. I can’t wait to stick the fire on, snuggle up with my hot chocolate and watch it for the 1768324th time this year!

Love Actually

Danielle Every, Office Administrator – Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997)

Beauty and the Beast was my favourite film growing up so when this ‘midquel’ was released needless to say I loved it just as much. I really love it for nostalgic reasons as it reminds me of Christmas Eve with my family snuggled up with a hot milk before bed.

Beauty and the Beast

Check back tomorrow for our design team’s favourites and see whether you agree.

Our Favourite Christmas Adverts

By Kelly Gerrish

Christmas adverts have become a real event in recent years with companies all upping their game in the battle to be the best. The best ones go out of their way to try and bottle that simply intangible Christmas feeling.

As the glut of Christmas adverts fills every ad break, now is the perfect time to share some of our favourites over the years to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

Irn Bru 2006 – The Snowman
The Snowman is one of the best loved Christmas films of all time so Irn Bru tapping into it for their 2006 advert was a stroke of genius.
The advert re-creates the memorable flight with Walking in the Air playing in the background, and the pair take flight after the boy takes a swig of Irn Bru. It’s clear to see where Red Bull got their inspiration for their Gives You Wings campaign.

Sainsburys 2014 – Christmas is For Sharing
Sainsburys’ emotional tribute to fallen soldiers gave John Lewis a run for their money this year.

Made in partnership with the Royal British Legion, it focuses on the famous Christmas Day football match between British and German forces in 1914 and the unexpected comradeship between a British and German soldier. It’s a real tear-jerker, but it’s not the first to pull at the heart strings.

John Lewis 2013 – The Bear and the Hare
John Lewis has had some winning efforts over the years, but the most memorable is last year’s The Bear and The Hare.
Entirely hand drawn, it shows a hare giving his friend a Christmas he’ll never forget by gifting him an alarm clock to ensure he wakes from his slumber to join them all round the Christmas tree.

Of course they’ve given it a good shot this year too – but who could beat the look on the bear’s face when he sees Christmas for the first time? John Lewis definitely love a heart-warming ending.

Coca Cola 1995 onwards – Holidays Are Coming
It’s a familiar sight on our TV screens at Christmas. For most of us, seeing that fleet of twinkling Coca-Cola trucks chugging their way along the snowy landscape really marks the start of Christmas. The Holidays Are Coming advert is so iconic that Coca Cola haven’t needed to think up a new campaign each year. It’s simply not Christmas until you’ve seen this advert – we couldn’t imagine Christmas without it.

Show Customers You Care This Christmas

By Kelly Gerrish

With only 18 days before the big day, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Apart from the mad shopping rush and preparing your festive menu, it’s also a time to say thank you to your customers for their loyalty over the past year. Holidays are coming – how will you keep your customers coming back once the tree has wilted and the festivities are over?

The ways you can show your appreciation are as wide as your imagination. Why not get into the Christmas spirit with something fun and engaging?

Here at right on the line we can help you with anything from holiday greeting e-cards and festive giveaways to corporate rewards schemes. Contact us at enquiries@rightontheline.com to arrange a chat over a mince pie.

Cyber Monday

By Kelly Gerrish

As the dust settles from Black Friday, many bargain hunters are gearing up for another shopping event without the hustle and bustle.

Today is Cyber Monday – traditionally thought of as the busiest online shopping day of the year. Online sales in the US hit a record $2.29bn last year, a 20.6% increase on the previous year. Think Black Friday but without physical scrapping over bargains and the risk of injury.

So what is Cyber Monday?
Essentially the online equivalent of Black Friday. High street retailers tend to focus all their efforts on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) as the starting point for the annual Christmas shopping season. On Cyber Monday, bargain hunters take to the internet to spend billions on time limited reductions instead of pushing and shoving with rival shoppers in real-world retailers.


Is it just about technology?
Not exclusively but the biggest savings are traditionally found on gadgets and electricals. Last year saw major reductions on PlayStation 4, Apple products and cameras. But other retailers are increasingly getting involved too.  Argos, Tesco, Asda, John Lewis and Dorothy Perkins are just some of the retailers laying on special online-exclusive deals.

Bob Geldof might not like Mondays – but there’s plenty of reasons why you should.